In this new normal, Industries across the globe are getting more agile on to what best they can provide to their customers with less contact and more virtual cooperation. Products and solutions across every manufacturing industry demand this modernization since this is going to be the new way of experiencing life.

As per transparency market research, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market growth is estimated to cross a value of US$ 91.9 Bn by the end of 2030. Every business sector today is slugging through a hard time, and they keep the confidence within, of setting back to work. Therefore in this current scenario, cost and maintenance of PLM and IT are seen as a burden while business demands innovative manufacturing software solutions with existing infrastructure, features & functionalities without new enhancements cost.

Whether it’s building a fully autonomous electric vehicle coupled with ADAS and next-generation infotainment dashboard, or making a robust and sustainable hi-tech industrial system, or crafting the design of a fighter jet loaded with laser guided missile, we at Mechispike, are firmly determined to take the global business scale to a next level with dignity and value added to the board. We have come forward to enable the operations back to normal and bring back the lost smile again through our cost effective solutions. Together, we can enrich a new beginning and experience a new world.

Why We - Why Now?

We are here to help skilled engineers who lost employment in 2020 and to develop a virtual freelance network around the board to assist clients who cannot bear the expense of operating PLM by pooled resources in this foreseen economic recession. When a client provides business visibility of positions for 3 years; we promise the savings of 30% on current budget. In order to serve this purpose, we provide skilled resources Cost To Cost for the first year or flat pricing for 3 years.

Our PLM powerhouse consists of extensive experience in

  • Reducing Engineering costs (IT spending)
  • Easing PLM maintenance costs
  • Extended PLM solutions for core manufacturing industries
  • Accelerated PLM implementation
  • Cost effective manufacturing software solutions
  • Competitive staffing solutions