Hiring for STIBO STEP – Lead Developer

Skills/ Qualifications:

• System Set-up
• User Group & Privilege Setup
• STEP Data Modeling
o Attributes
o Attribute groups
o Data Containers
o References
• Web UI Configurations
o Search Screens
o Sub Screens
o Pop-ups
• Integration Endpoints
o Outbound integration Endpoints – using SOAP, REST & IDOC
o Inbound integration Endpoints – using SOAP, REST & IDOC
o Gateway integration Endpoints – using SOAP, REST & IDOC
• STEP Workflow configuration
• STEP Global Business rules – Java Script / Rhino Scripting
o Business rules
o Business actions
o Business conditions
• Packaging hierarchies & Change Packaging
• Bulk data update
• Export & Import configurations
• XSL Transformations
• STEP XML creations
• Golden Records – Matching & Linking
• Various STEP implementation techniques
• STEP API & Extension API

Responsibilities :

• 8+ years of experience in STIBO STEP – MDM Solutions.
• Strong knowledge on MDM solutions (CMDM, SMDM, Multi-domain MDM) in STIBO STEP
• Interact with customers to capture and understand requirement, and architect technical design, solution, and implement as a Lead technical architect
• Provide direction and resolve issues in complex technical topics in the project
• Finetune solution Approach and provide technical assistance to team
• Good oral and written communication is a must.

Apply Here : careers@mechispike.com